Organix Organic Carrot Sticks Baby Food Gluten Free, 20g

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Organic Carrot Sticks Baby Food Gluten Free, ingredients: Organic Corn (66%), Organic Sunflower Oil (13%), Organic Carrot Powder (12%), Organic Potato Powder (6%), Organic Onion Powder (less than 1%), Organic Coriander Leaf (less than 1%), *Sea Salt (less than 1%)

About Organic Carrot Sticks Baby Food Gluten Free,

Puffs of corn with carrot powder sprinkled on as a natural, organic flavouring. They are roughly three times the size of a Wotsit and are similar in texture which is good for babies as it means they can crunch them or just suck on them and they will dissolve. Made with real carrots and at least a third less salt and fat than most children's snacks. Suitable from 7 months plus

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My son absolutely loves these crisps but I tend not to give them as much as the corn rings as they are so messy! Still it is great to have such a good alternative to the more unhealthy crisps my son sees other children eating and then wants. One other downside is the price, they are a bit expensive to buy individually. I think if they were a bit cheaper more people would buy them for older children too, rather than just as fingerfood for babies as my five year old likes them too.

By elfree on 20/09/2012

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