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Keemun Tea Leaves ingredients:

Keemum Tea.

About Keemun Tea Leaves

Keemum or Keemun tea is a Chinese black tea which is prized for its delicate aroma and complex flavour. The tea is sometimes called the champagne of teas, referencing its delicacy, refinement, and popularity. Like other black teas, Keemum tea should be stored in a cool dry place, and it should be brewed with care to extract its unique flavour.

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Customer reviews

Keemum tea is great because it has less tanin than an Indian tea - you can leave it brewing and it doesn't get bitter. The only drawback I find id that thw leaves are very big and they clog up the spout of my teapot. Still, the taste makes the irritation of that soon disappear.

By Callum Abbott on 07/10/2015

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