Clearspring Organic Green Sencha T-Bags 20bags

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Organic Green Sencha T-Bags ingredients: ,p>Organic tea leaves.

Made in a dedicated nut free factory.

About Organic Green Sencha T-Bags

Light, refreshing and stimulating premium green tea. Nagata Organic Sencha is a premium quality Japanese green tea made from the season's first tender, young leaves, hand-harvested at their peak of flavour. By a unique Japanese process, the freshly picked leaves are briefly steamed to capture their complex flavour and emerald green colour, then rolled into thin curls and oven-dried. In Japan, Sencha is a prized tea served at high class restaurants and at home to make guests feel welcomed and honoured. At once mildly stimulating and soothing, Sencha has long been used by Zen monks to promote mental clarity and calmness during long meditations.

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