St Dalfour Raspberry & Pomegranate Fruit Spread no sugar added 284g

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Raspberry & Pomegranate Fruit Spread no sugar added ingredients: All natural, 100% Fruit, No preservatives, No colouring, No added sugar

About Raspberry & Pomegranate Fruit Spread no sugar added

No added sugar high fruit content spread.

Here is a major culinary achievement. Gifts of nature elevated by French chefs into all natural 'Rhapsodie de Fruits'. At the same time both delectable and nutritious. St. Dalfour 'Rhapsodie de Fruits' are made in the heart of the French countryside to an old recipe from the Loire Valley. They are pure fruit. No sugar is added. Only the natural sweetness of concentrated grape juice is used. This natural sweetness produces a taste which is much fresher and more delicious than the heavy taste of sugar.

For many people France is the home of fine food and gourmet cooking. So it is no surprise that as a French Gourmet food company, we combine traditional recipes, the finest ingredients and modern technology to produce our All Natural products. All over the world, people are demanding foods that are guaranteed to be free from chemicals, additives and artificial ingredients. St. Dalfour's commitment to "All Natural" foods is total. The company is expanding vigorously, introducing new products and concepts but nothing is allowed to interfere with the company's passion for pure foods made from the finest "All Natural" ingredients.

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