Clearspring Hearty Miso Red Instant Soup 4x10g

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Hearty Miso Red Instant Soup ingredients: rice miso, soybean miso, fu, wakame seaweed, kombu powder, and dried green onions.

About Hearty Miso Red Instant Soup

There is perhaps nothing more important to the Japanese daily diet than a hot bowl of Miso Soup. Equally important is the addition wakame, a silky and deliciously mild sea vegetable. Mitoku Instant Miso Soups provide for a convenient way to incorporate miso into our modern, hurried lives. These delicious Instant Miso Soups are ready: just 1 minute!

Mitoku Instant Miso Soups are delicious, convenient and 100% natural. Miso soup is an important Japanese staple. This traditional recipe combines the savoury goodness of two different soups with the delicate flavour of parsley and wakame. Perfect for home, school, work, and travelling. The parsley flavour is light and tasty, while the wakame instant miso soup is rich and hearty.

Colour: Red

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