Shipton Mill Organic Three Malts Flour 1kg

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Organic Three Malts Flour ingredients: Wheat flour, malted wheat grains, sunflower seeds, malted barley flour, sesame seeds, malted barley flour, sesame seeds, malted rye grains, linseed and pumpkin seeds.

About Organic Three Malts Flour

Shipton Mill produces flours of exceptional quality, without haste, and with scrupulous care. For over 900 years a mill has stood on the banks of the river Avon, each generation producing flour in a time honoured way. Shipton Mills organic wheat grown without the use of chemicals. Only the finest parcels are selected, to give the fullest flavour and best baking results to their flour.

To produce the richness of this flour, whole grains of wheat, rye and barley are steeped in water before being carefully spread on the malting floor. With time the malts naturally mature, and when ready the grains are oven roasted to create their individual flavours and lovely golden colours. Gently blended with sunflower, sesame, linseed and pumpkin seeds, the three malts make a delicious, well-balanced brown bread flour, the colour of speckled hens.

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