Biotona Organic 100% Raw Hulled Sprouted Seed Buckwheat Vegan, 300g

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Organic 100% Raw Hulled Sprouted Seed Buckwheat Vegan, ingredients: sprouted buckwheat* (Fagopyrum esculentum) (100%) from China. *organic culture

About Organic 100% Raw Hulled Sprouted Seed Buckwheat Vegan,

Biotona Bio Sprouted Buckwheat Raw is made from the germinated fruit seeds of the Fagopyrum esculentum. It has a very similar look and use as ordinary wheat, but is gluten-free and easily digestible. In addition, it is a good source of protein (up to 15% of the seed) and has a low content of saturated fats. After thorough washing, the peeled buckwheat seeds are allowed to germinate on platters for 1 to 2 days under monitored conditions. Next they are dried for 24 hours at a maximum temperature of 42°C. This process guarantees the highest possible quality, as well as preserving the buckwheat's nutrients and enzymes, and cannot be compared with the standard commercial processing of seeds and grains, during which temperatures up to 100°C are often reached. Its organic cultivation and the highly specific processing technique mean that Biotona Sprouted Buckwheat is tasty, crunchy and slightly sweet.

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