Rochester Organic Hot Ginger Toddy Drink 725ml

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Organic Hot Ginger Toddy Drink ingredients: Water, organic sugar, organic ginger root (7%), organic molasses, organic lime juice, organic orange juice (from concentrate), organic lemon juice (from concentrate), organic honey.

About Organic Hot Ginger Toddy Drink

Once the weather starts giving you the chill and you need a boost, try Rochester organic hot toddy to warm, relax and cheer. Used for generations by our founders family, this toddy can be enjoyed by simply heating a glassful in a saucepan and serving in a suitable glass or mug. If you wish, add a tot of your favourite tipple (whisky, rum or brandy). It is also excellent served chilled.

For a delicious, warming Ginger Tea simply treat it like a dilutable cordial. So pour a measure of Hot Ginger Toddy into a cup and add 4 to 5 parts more boiling water from the kettle. Stir and serve with a slice of Lemon.

If you prefer it stronger dilute to your own taste or have it neat. If you do this heat the desired quantity in a saucepan and pour it into a cup when hot. For any of the options above you can try dipping a bag of Green Tea into the Hot Cupful.

The Hot Ginger that is great Chilled over ice with a slice. It is not just a winter warmer -this drink can be enjoyed Chilled to refresh and invigorate.

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