Fentimans Rose Lemonade Gluten Free, Vegan 275ml

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Rose Lemonade Gluten Free, Vegan ingredients: Water, Carbonated water, Fermented ginger root extract (water, ginger root, wart syrup, yeast), Clarified lemon juice from concentrate, Granulated sugar, Glucose syrup, Pear juice concentrate, Natural Flavouring, Tartaric acid, Citric acid, Natural Colour, Grape skin extract, Rose oil

About Rose Lemonade Gluten Free, Vegan

Fentimans fermented botanical lemon drink with pure rose oil extract is a deliciously refreshing drink. It is the product of the simple but time consuming art of bringing to condition natural wholesome ingredients through the three distinct stages of: infusion of selected botanicals, slow natural fermentation, and skillful blending.

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