Fentimans Cola Curiosity Drink Gluten Free, Vegan 275ml

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Cola Curiosity Drink Gluten Free, Vegan ingredients: Fermented ginger root extract, carbonated water, sugar, catuaba extract, guruana extract, caramel (E150),phosphoric acid (E338), cola flavour 9594 (flavouring), caffeine.

About Cola Curiosity Drink Gluten Free, Vegan

Fentimans Curiosity Cola is a stimulating recipe of ingredients that revive the claims of yesteryear in brewing a draught from Botanicals. This cola has body and bite that is curiously invigorating.

In the bygone times when colas were first brewed they were thought of as a remedial concoction created by the apothecaries and heralded as an elixir with health enhancing properties. Nowadays we drink cola for its taste and its stimulation kick. Fentimans Cola is however a little special in that it includes in its curious recipe Catuaba and Guarana extracts. Curious? Try it!

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