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Organic Rose T-Bags Tao ingredients: Hibiscus*, chamomile flowers*, elderflower*, linden flowers*, rose petals* (10 %), sunflower petals*, cinnamon*, lavender flowers*, yarrow flower*, ginger*, black pepper*, fennel*, turmeric root*, natural flavour, mullein*, alfalfa*, buckhorn*, cardamom*, cloves*, dried kombucha extract. The indicated * ingredients are certified organic.

About Organic Rose T-Bags Tao

Taoism starts and ends with nature. Its central principle is that all life is part of an inseparable whole, an interconnected organic unity: Yin and Yang. Inspired by the Chinese wisdom of tea, Yogi applied their expertise in the blending of delicious premium herbs and spice teas, and opened the door to explore this ancient tradition. The new YOGI TAO Teas are based on the five elements of Taoism " Earth, Wood, Metal, Water and Fire" and ensure the well-being of body, mind and spirit.

Rose - the ethereal queen in the kingdom of plants. Her graceful form is crowned with a scent you will never forget, a touch of heaven, which seems not to belong to this world.

Earth is the element of balance. This tea lets the energy circulate within you and leads to inner harmony and stabilisation.

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