Ecover Camomile & Clementine Washing Up Liquid 450ml

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Camomile & Clementine Washing Up Liquid ingredients:

5-15%: Non-ionic surfactants, Anionic surfactants

<5%:Perfume (Limonene)

Other:Water, Alcohol denat, Sodium chloride, Sodium citrate, Citric acid, Extract calendula, Extract chamomile.

About Camomile & Clementine Washing Up Liquid

With the bright, clean scent of Ecover Washing Up Liquids, doing the dishes is always a pleasure, never a chore. The divinely scented Chamomile and Marigold is made with whey milk for sensitive hands. It cleans and degreases efficiently being kind to your hands and ensuring no residue of unnecessary chemicals is left on your dishes.

Also available as a refill, it has quick and complete biodegradability (OECD-test 301F, full product), there is minimum impact on aquatic life(OECD-test 201and202, full product), Ecover are against animal testing.

Bottle and labels are made of polyethylene; cap of polypropylene. Polyethylene and polypropylene are 100 % recyclable and can be recycled together using a low energy process.

One squeeze is enough for a sink full of normally dirty dishes. Cleans effectively without producing excessive bubbles.

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Customer reviews

We have used this washing up liquid for years now. Sometimes you have to use a bit more than some less environmentally friendly, commercial alternatives, but this does the job admirably. It is very mild on the skin, too.

By elfree on 10/01/2013