Dragonfly Tea Organic Skinny Dragon Pu'er T-Bags 20bags

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Organic Skinny Dragon Pu'er T-Bags ingredients:

Premium Organically Grown Pu'er Tea.

About Organic Skinny Dragon Pu'er T-Bags

Connoisseur tea company Dragonfly has launched a speciality tea called Pu'er, prized for centuries for its health-giving and slimming properties. The tea, which is named after Pu'er city Yunnan province, China, is said to aid digestion, reduce cholesterol and increase body metabolism, making it a favourite for celebrities such as Victoria Beckham. Hardly known outside Asia until now, Pu'er (or Puerh) has been greatly prized since the Tang Dynasty, over a thousand years ago. It is valued for its intriguing, full bodied, earthy, slightly sweet flavour, as well as its reputed health benefits.

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