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Lady’s Fingers Decoction Natural Remedy Recipe

Lady’s Fingers go by many names, depending on where in the world you find yourself : Okra, Okro, Ngombo, Gumbo, Bamia, Bhindi. They are a tall flowering plant that produces edible green pods containing a large number of white seeds. Okra pods are very rich in mucilaginous fibre, and are known to have a positive effect on blood sugar levels regulation (making them a superfood for anyone with or at risk of developing diabetes). In addition, okra is very low calorie, low in fat, with no cholesterol or saturated fats, it is high in fibre and rich in vitamins and minerals. The pods are generally eaten as a vegetable, chopped in a stew or stir fried. As a herbal remedy, okra is used to make a raw or boiled decoction that can be used to soothe inflammation of mucous membranes (such as in sore throats), to soothe itchy skin, as a skin moisturiser and softener and as a lubricant for the intestinal tract.

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< 15 mins

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Beauty and Remedies
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You will need

50g of Lady’s fingers or okra
half a litre of water

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  • Raw decoction for blood sugar regulation : Cut the tops off 2 okra pods, halve them lengthwise and soak them in a glass of water overnight. First thing in the morning, discard the okra pods and drink the okra water on an empty stomach. Repeat every morning to naturally balance your blood sugar levels.
  • Boiled mucilaginous decoction for soothing : Cut the tops off the okra pods, finely chop them and put them in a saucepan with the water over medium to high heat. Allow to boil for at least 5 minutes, before allowing to cool down completely.
  • Soothing steam : the steam produced from boiling the lady’s fingers pieces can be inhaled to help further relieve throat irritation.

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