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Malted Slippery Elm ingredients: Pre-cooked wheaten flour, barley malt, powdered slippery elm bark 2.5%, sugar.

About Malted Slippery Elm

A soothing, easily digested beverage, particularly suitable for convalescents and sufferers from digestive disorders.

Fill a half pint beaker with milk. Pour into saucepan and heat, leaving at least two tablespoons of cold milk in the beaker. Add one heaped teaspoon (or more according to taste) of Thompsons Slippery Elm Food to the milk in the beaker and mix carefully to a thin smooth paste. Slowly pour the hot milk onto the mixture stirring continuously. Do not reheat as this will spoil the beneficial action of the malt. Can alternatively be microwaved. Sweeten or flavour to taste if desired.

Slippery Elm is the ground inner lining of the bark of the Slippery Elm tree (Ulmus fulva), which is found in the forest glades of the Americas. It is capable of absorbing many times its own weight in liquid and forms a mucilage. For many people milk is difficult to digest, as the milk protein forms into heavy clots in the stomach. When Slippery Elm is mixed with hot milk a mucilage is formed which disperses throughout the milk preventing these heavy clots from forming. In this way instead of the solid mass being formed in the stomach, a finer more easily digested curd is produced.

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