Solgar L-Glutamine Amino Acid 500mg Vegan 50vegcaps

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L-Glutamine Amino Acid 500mg Vegan ingredients:

Each capsule provides L Glutamine 500mg. Encapsulated with these natural ingredients. magnesium stearate, vegetable powdered cellulose, vegetable stearic acid. Vegicap cap shell, vegetable cellulose vegetable glycerin & water.

About L-Glutamine Amino Acid 500mg Vegan

Solgar L-Glutamine 500mg is a free form amino acid dietary supplement suitable for vegetarians.

L-Glutamine is a major fuel source for intestinal, immune, and brain cells. It also comprises nearly 60% of the body's total amino acid muscle pool.

L-Glutamine regulates nitrogen transport to and from muscle tissue, thereby promoting amino acid balance.

Solgar L-Glutamine 500mg provides Free Form L-Glutamine to promote optimal absorption and assimilation

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