Maldon Sea Salt Flakes 1.5kg

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Sea Salt Flakes ingredients: Sea salt.

About Sea Salt Flakes

Maldon sea salt flakes are loved (is that too strong a word? No!) by chefs and shoppers the world over. It's the soft flaky texture of the sea salt crystals and the cleanness of the salt flavour they deliver that makes the difference. None of the bitter aftertaste that some salts leave; instead a freshness that enhances the flavour of all natural and fine foods.

Seawater is filtered and boiled which, reassuringly, removes any impurities, and then heated until the salt crystallises. If this sounds easy, there's an art in temperature and timing and in particular, the traditional 'drawing' of the salt by hand from the pans, that confounds anyone without saltmaker skills.

The result, for those with the know-how, is the pure white crisp clean crystals that can only be Maldon salt.

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