Terra Nova Elderberry & Olive Leaf Blend no added salt, no added sugar 40g

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Elderberry & Olive Leaf Blend no added salt, no added sugar ingredients:

2.5g (Half a teaspoon Provides) Contents: PhytoFresh Complex 2.5g Elderberry Fruit (fresh freeze dried) 1900mg Olive Leaf (fresh freeze dried) 450mg Elderflower (fresh freeze dried) 100mg Ginger Rhizome/Root (fresh freeze dried - organic) 50mg

About Elderberry & Olive Leaf Blend no added salt, no added sugar

Terra Nova's elderberry and olive leaf blend may help support a healthy immune system. Its constituent ingredients are widely reputed to help alleviate the symptoms of many ailments such as colds and flu.

Elderberry Fruit - Research highlighting a potential value in supporting immune function in influenza sufferers have made elderberry one of the most popular resistance supplements. The impressive flavonoid profile is especially worth noting in this respect.

?Olive Leaf - Research suggests that olive leaf exhibits considerable immune supportive and antimicrobial activity, warranting its common use in assisting the body's ability to combat bacteria, viruses and yeast/fungi.

?Elderflower - The flavonoids and phenolic acids in elderflower are thought to be the main compounds associated with the common use in supporting the body in the case of common cold. Among other related properties, elderflower may help encourage bronchial secretions and perspiration (which may help accelerate the removal of the virus).

?Ginger Rhizome/Root - The activity of ginger root against various infective microbes is well established. Ginger's warming properties and its common use in supporting healthy sinus function and combating nausea make it a versatile tool in cold season.

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