Viridian Organic Digestive Elixir Digestive Aid 50ml

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Organic Digestive Elixir Digestive Aid ingredients: Water, Organic Honey, Organic Alcohol, Organic Fresh Marshmallow Extract, Organic Fresh, Meadowsweet Extract, Organic Peppermint Extract, Organic Fennel Extract, Organic Fresh Angelica Extract, Organic Gentian Extract.

About Organic Digestive Elixir Digestive Aid

100% Organic Digestive Elixir contains Marshmallow Root, Meadowsweet, Peppermint, Fennel, Angelica, Gentian and Honey in a tincture of alcohol. There is a long standing tradition of using bitter ingredients as digestive aids, also known as digestifs when tinctured in alcohol, to stimulate the digestive system prior to eating ensuring optimum digestion. Can help with upset stomachs, hangovers or liver support.

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