Raw Living Femininiteea Loose Tea 75g

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Femininiteea Loose Tea ingredients: Damiana Leaves, Raspberry Leaves, Rosebuds, Shatavari Root, Goji berries (conventional).

About Femininiteea Loose Tea

Femininiteea is a blend of shatavari root, raspberry leaf, damiana, goji berries and whole rosebuds. It has a wonderful aroma and flavour, and is very strengthening and nurturing for women. In a cold, damp climate like that of the UK, it is not healthy to eat cold food and drink cold drinks all the time. In Chinese medicine, these foods weaken the spleen, and spleen deficiency is a common problem in raw fooders. One of the best ways round this is to drink lots of medicinal teas in the winter, with strengthening herbs. So here they are for you, comforting and tonifying teas to fortify you through the winter months.

Each bag of tea makes about 5 x 30g servings of tea. We recommend brewing this tea in a teapot that has a built-in strainer, or in a cafetière. We always use the mix at least twice - so we get four cups of tea out of the first brew and another four out of the second, making eight cups in total. You can usually squeeze a third brew and even a fourth out! Make sure when you put the tea in the pot you get an even mix of ingredients.

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