Ecozone Magno Ball Limescale Remover 1pack

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About Magno Ball Limescale Remover

The Magno Ball is an effective non-chemical way to remove limescale from washing machines and dishwashers. It acts by crystallising the limescale, making it impossible to stick to clothes, pipes, or heating elements. It can be used in conjunction with the Eco Ball, for a more effective environmental solution.

Product Advantages:
Reduce amount of detergent by 70%
No more anti-limescale tablets
Reduce the machine temperature
5 year guarantee

Product Details:
Suitable for all washing machines and dishwashers
Uses magnetic power to eliminate limescale

Instructions for Use (Washing Machine): 1. Place the Magnoball inside the drum with the laundry 2. Add in soap powder, or better still; Ecoballs!

Instructions for Use (Dishwasher): 1. Place the Magnoball into the drawer so that water can pass through it. Size: 5.5cm (diameter)

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