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Female Support Complex ingredients: Two Capsules Typically Provide: Magnifood Complex 1150mg (Dong Quai 250mg, Soyabean Sprouts 200mg, Stabilised Rice Bran 200mg, Fenugreek Seed 100mg, Kudzu Root 100mg, Rhodiola Root 50mg, Milky Green Oat Seed [Fresh Freeze Dried] 50mg, Borage Seed 50mg, Watercress [Fresh Freeze Dried] 25mg, Turmeric Root [Fresh Freeze Dried] 25mg, Sea Buckthorn Berry/Leaf [Fresh Freeze Dried] 25mg, Dandelion Leaf [Fresh Freeze Dried] 25mg, Alfalfa Flower & Leaf [Fresh Freeze Dried] 25mg, Kale [Fresh Freeze Dried] 25mg), Vegetable Capsule Shell 236mg, Larch Tree Arabinogalactan 2.75mg. No Fillers, Binders or Other Excipients.

About Female Support Complex

Women go through a lot of physical and hormonal changes during their everyday life. Many women during their menses have mood swings and irritability. Several studies have shown how certain herbs, vitamins and minerals can promote optimal female health, especially while going through PMS or the menopause. This comprehensive formula is a natural, powerfully active supplement for helping to keep hormones balanced, supporting the female body to run smoothly. Maintaining a healthy body and mind is very important for every woman's wellbeing.

Female Support Complex contains a MagniFood Complex providing : Dong quai - the most popular female plant tonic Soyabean Sprouts - contain high concentrations of oestrogen like compounds Fenugreek - especially rich is phyto-oestrogens, fenugreek also contains phytoprogesterone properties Kudzu - abundant source of phyto-oestrogens Rhodiola - helps maintain healthy emotions Milky Green Oat Seed - rich in B vitamins and minerals required for the nervous system Borage Seed - rich in omega 6 fatty acids helping premenstrual health and well-being Watercress, Turmeric, Sea Buckthorn, Dandelion - supporting the product's functions/applications

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