Clearspring Organic Tamari Soy Sauce Gluten Free, 2.5l

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Organic Tamari Soy Sauce Gluten Free, ingredients: Whole soya beans 46%, water, sea salt, mirin (sweet rice, water cultured rice)

About Organic Tamari Soy Sauce Gluten Free,

Clearspring Organic Tamari is a rare treat - a double-strength wheat-free and Gluten Free soya sauce, natural fermented and aged in cedar wood kegs over two summers. Its award-winning flavour is rich, complex and concentrated - but never overpowering, and it is perfect for using in dip sauces and cooked dishes. Enjoy this classic sauce that has been made using organic whole soya beans to a 500 year-old recipe.

New! Clearspring's Organic Double-Strength Tamari has been included in the Coeliac Society Directory. A tiny portion of roasted barley flour is used in the process of making Clearspring Organic Double Strength Tamari. Yet, in light of gluten testing carried out, it has been possible to confirm that the long fermentation and ageing processes that the Double-Strength Tamari undergoes, eliminates the gluten proteins present in the barley. Following these results, the Coeliac Society has decided to include Clearspring Organic Double-Strength Tamari in their Gluten Free directory.

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