Seagreen Organic Wild Seaweed Supplement Vegan, 180capsule

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Organic Wild Seaweed Supplement Vegan, ingredients:

Knotted wrack (ascophyllum nodosum) dried ground frond, bladder wrack (fucus vesiculosis) dried ground frond, channel wrack (pelvetia canaliculata) dried ground frond, vegetarian capsule (water, hypromellose)

About Organic Wild Seaweed Supplement Vegan,

Seagreens are distinctive varieties of wild seaweed from carefully monitored, cold, clean waters where the most nutritious seaweeds grow. This product is approved for use in Biodynamic and organic foods in line with Demeter, EU and NOP organic standards. Used every day they complement and fill gaps in the 'partial' profile of land foods, supporting an intricate balance of nutrients (particularly micronutrients) that we need to stay in peak performance. This is 3 months supply.

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