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Organic Breathe Deep T-Bags ingredients: Eucalyptus*, liquorice*, ginger*, basil*, cardamom*, cinnamon*, mullein*, alfalfa*, fennel*, thyme*, elecampane*, vanilla extract, cloves*, black pepper*, vanilla beans*. The indicated * ingredients are certified organic.

About Organic Breathe Deep T-Bags

Yogic technology teaches that the breath is charged with Prana, a subtle life-force. Prana is also received from water, food and sunlight. However, the pressures of daily life, environmental pollution and improper diet, limit our Pranic intake. Conscious breathing - especially long, deep and relaxed breathing - is one of the most simple ways to increase one's energy or Prana and feel more calm and centred. Breathe Deep tea is a traditional Ayurvedic blend of eucalyptus, elecampane, basil, ginger, liquorice root and other supporting herbs.

Before modern times, herbs and spices were combined in the form of teas to keep families healthy. Golden Temple Natural Products has continued this tradition through the development of a special line of Ayurvedic Teas, based on traditional Ayurvedic recipes.

Ayurveda, the 'science of life', is a practical and philosophical way of life from ancient India that prescribes conscious living and holistic prevention as keys to a balanced and long life. Ayurvedic guidelines provide methods of averting imbalance and restoring balance. This can be accomplished by maintaining a lifestyle that creates equilibrium. This equilibrium is affected by how we live; changes in seasons and environments; what we eat, digest and eliminate; exercise, emotions, ageing and mind set.

Our Ayurvedic Teas offer seasonal, digestive, relaxing, cleansing and energising support.

Our Woman's Ayurvedic Teas address the special needs of a woman during all the cycles of her life. Each of these effective formulas are designed to rebalance your body while giving you the support you need; for strength, fitness, relaxation and balance.

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Super tasty and it really works! Clears up your throat and gives you the feeling you can breathe deeper.

By Cernunnas on 16/02/2013

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