Pulsin Soya Protein Isolate Vegan 250g

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Soya Protein Isolate Vegan ingredients: 100% soya protein isolate.

About Soya Protein Isolate Vegan

Our Soya protein is a complete plant-based protein. Delivering 90% protein content and packed with isoflavones, it's a great dairy free option to boost your protein intake. Our Soya Protein contains more protein than any of the other plant based protein powders in our range, and is an excellent source of isoflavones (active plant compounds naturally found in beans). It is: Vegan, Non GM, Low Fat and with no added fillers, sugars or sweeteners, making it the perfect alternative to dairy protein. Soya protein is a complete protein, providing all the essential amino acids that the body can't make itself and may help in lowering cholesterol.

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