Harrogate Sparkling Water 750ml

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Sparkling Water ingredients: Water, Carbon Dioxide, Calcium 52.7, Magnesium 15.7,Sodium 6.15, Fluoride 0.157, Bicarbonate 235, Chloride 19.5, Nitrate<1, Sulphate 7.2

About Sparkling Water

First bottled in 1596, Harrogate's famous mineral-rich spring water is the original British spa water. Since it was revived in 2002 after a 30 year absence from the market place, Harrogate Spa Water has re-established its reputation for premium quality and is now one of the top-ten water brands in the UK. Low in sodium and with a well-balanced mineral content, Harrogate Spa Water is the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

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