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Organic Fruit Lollies Sweets Gluten Free, ingredients: Glucose syrup*, agave syrup*, natural flavourings (blackcurrant, raspberry, orange*, apple*, lemon*), natural fruit and plant extracts (elderberry*, paprkia, curcuma*, spinach, aronia juice concentrate*), acidulant: malic acid *= organically grown ingredients

About Organic Fruit Lollies Sweets Gluten Free,

6 Fruit Lollies, made with agave and glucose syrup from organically grown ingredients.

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Personally I have always refrused to allow my children to eat lollies as I think they hare bad for the teeth. However, since they get them handed out at nursery I try to make sure that I have some of these organic fruit lollies available as a substitute when necessary. The kids love them of course.

By Anna McLeod on 15/10/2014

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