Biona Organic Hazel Nut Butter 170g

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Organic Hazel Nut Butter ingredients: 100% organic hazelnuts May contain traces of peanuts Biona Nut Butters are not raw; the nuts contained within them are either roasted or blanched. May contain traces of various nut and dairy products

About Organic Hazel Nut Butter

Biona Organic Hazel Nut Butter. Great for spreading on rice cakes or bread, a favourite with kids.

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Wholefood Gluten Free Aduki Bean Chocolate Brownies Recipe

Summary: What I love about these brownies is that although they are as rich and dense as the traditional variety, these are chock-full of goodness : the nutrition deprived ingredients in a typical brownie recipe are replaced by highly nutritious whole foods. Protein, Fibre, Folate, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium and Copper - rich Aduki (or Adzuki, or Azuki) beans instead of white floor. Fibre, Vitamin E, Manganese and Copper - rich hazelnuts, instead of extracted vegetable oil or butter. And finally, they are sweetened with whole dates, instead of white sugar or other extracted sweeteners. Grain free, gluten free, can be made vegan ... Yet, as good as chocolate brownies get. But you don't have to take my word for it, try this recipe for yourself !

Dairy Free Gluten Free Grain Free No added sugar Vegetarian Wheat Free