Dragonfly Tea Organic Moroccan Mint Green T-Bags 20bags

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Organic Moroccan Mint Green T-Bags ingredients: Organically grown gunpowder green tea and spearmint.

About Organic Moroccan Mint Green T-Bags

Dragonfly Moroccan Mint is an authentic and refreshing blend. Tea is the most popular drink of Morocco. It is said that every child in Morocco is born with the secret of the art of making tea. There are no rules and no set proportions. No two glasses ever taste the same and every cup holds a delicious surprise. Tea is offered everywhere in Morocco, at home or at work, as a gesture of hospitality and welcome.

Dragonfly follow a traditional Moroccan recipe, blending fine, brisk gunpowder green tea with the natural sweet softness of genuine aromatic spearmint.

Gunpowder tea is named for its appearance: dark green leaves rolled by hand into tiny pellets resembling the dark, irregular shaped pellets of 18th Century gunpowder. Each individual leaf unfurls when the tea is brewed.

Colour: Green

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