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How Do I Cook Buckwheat Roasted Kasha

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What is Roasted Buckwheat Kasha?

Buckwheat Roasted Kasha is made from hulled buckwheat. Also known as Buckwheat Groats, Kasha is an Eastern European/ Russian version of porridge. Ideal for a long-lasting breakfast with a slow release of energy.


How do I prepare Roasted Buckwheat?

To cook, rinse 2-3 times in a bowl. Place the buckwheat in a pot with water, working to a ratio of two parts water to one part buckwheat. Set to a medium high heat and add a lid. After 15-20 minutes all the water should be absorbed and the buckwheat cooked.


For a simple yet hearty breakfast try Kasha porridge

Try this delicious gluten free Buckwheat and Millet Bread

Or this Buckwheat and Lentil Pilaf


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