Ella's Kitchen Organic The Yellow One Fruit Smoothie 90g

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Organic The Yellow One Fruit Smoothie ingredients: Organic Bananas 46%, Organic Apples 33%, Organic Mangoes 14%, Organic Apricots 7%, Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate (a dash), Other Stuff 0%

About Organic The Yellow One Fruit Smoothie

These Smoothie fruits are Ella's Kitchen's own concept and a great way for kids to eat nutritious and fun fruit, helping them to get to their 5 portions of recommended fruit and veg each day.

The are available individually and in multi-packs of 5 pouches designed to cover the 5 days of the school week - each pouch being perfect for a lunch box or break time snack. Smoothie Fruits are also fab when used in allsorts of cooking.

Smoothie Fruits are a food rather than a drink because they only contain a blend of whole puréed fruits, that have been sieved to take out any insoluble bits (skin, stones, cores, pips etc.).

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