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Rated "Excellent" by our customers
Rated "Excellent" by our customers

Real Community or Real Travesty?

A year ago one of the supermarket giants took out the trademark ‘Tesco Real Food’ and has been producing magazines, recipes and an app under this trademark all year.

During the same year the same supermarket has opened a branch on Piccardy Place and here at Real Foods we have had to begin the ongoing battle to preserve our shop signs (read about it here). It has been quite a year.

All over the country there are people fighting to maintain the life and individuality of local high streets. Independence comes at a cost, but take a look at our Real Community page that celebrates the variety and diversity that is expressed on Broughton Street in Edinburgh. Then, take another look at our images below and see what multi-national giants could do to one of Edinburgh’s favourite streets:

Real Foods as it is Real Foods as it would be if taken over by Sainsburys
Presently Real Foods Ltd... What if?...
The Olive Branch as it is The Olive Branch as it would be if taken over by Starbucks
Presently The Olive Branch restaurant... And if the worst should happen?...
Chequers as it is Chequers as it would be if taken over by KFC
Presently Chequers Sandwich Bar... Could it happen?...