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Rated "Excellent" by our customers
Rated "Excellent" by our customers

Real Community

Since opening our Broughton Street store in the 1970’s, here at Real Foods we have sought to contribute to the thriving community of independent, individual businesses that make our street one of the finest in Edinburgh.

A community is a group of interacting people, living or working in some proximity. Community usually refers to a social unit that shares common values and has social cohesion. As such the Real Foods community extends to its staff, its customers, its suppliers and, of course, the local people and traders in the local area.

This page is an introduction to our community.

First, take a look at the life of the Broughton Street Community

Dragonfly shop front
People walking on Broughton Street
Traffic on Broughton Street
Dogs on Broughton Street
Lorries unloading on Broughton Street
Florists on Broughton Street
People walking up Broughton Street
Traffic wardons outside the shops
Bikes chained to railings on Broughton Street
Street signs on the pavements of Broughton Street

Why not take a glance at our highlights of the local area

Crombies of Edinburgh entrance
Cauliflowers on display
Flowers at roadside
Cobbled streets
View up Broughton Street
Placards on human rights in a basement window
French Twist using the Best of Scotland entrance
Cycling up a steep hill
Flat window inspirational message
Outside Real Foods
Main entrance to Real Foods
Happy statue

Meet some Real Foods customers:

Customers are, of course, the life-blood of all businesses. Without them we wouldn't have a business. Here at Real Foods we try to listen to our customers’ needs and respond to them as well as we can. To encourage customers to be involved we run regular competitions with some really exciting prizes.

See some of our prize winners

Winner number 1
Winner number 2
Winner number 3
Winner number 4
Winner number 5

Check out some of the businesses we share the street with

Shops on Broughton Street
Basement garden
Basement shop
Real Foods shop front
Union Estate Agents front
Florists shop front
Smoke Stack restaurant front
Curiousor and curiousor shop front
Concrete Wardrobe shop front Edinburgh
Boombarbers shop front
Something Fishy Edinburgh
Broughton delicatessan and cafe front
Real Foods entrance
Olive Branch Bistro entrance
Street side tables and chairs
L'escargot Bleu Edinburgh
Smoke Stack roadside eating area
Chequers Sandwich Bar and Takeaway
Various restaurant signs on Broughton St
Mathers pub
Pheonix Cellar Bar
New Town Deli entrance
Blue Moon sign

Meet some Real Foods suppliers:

Photo of Garvald

Where would we be without our suppliers? Since moving into Broughton Street all those years ago we have made a point of supporting as many local suppliers as we can. Several of them are charities supporting disadvantaged people or those with special needs. Real Foods is proud to be able to provide good quality food which not only benefit the people who consume them but also provide real benefit to the people who make them.

Meet Garvald who provide employment for people with special needs and who supply delicious oatmeal and wholemeal loaves daily.

Meet one of our local suppliers, Garvald Bakery
Photo of Tom

In addition to supporting charities by collecting for them at till points and buying from those that supply foods that we can sell, we also support some charities with raffle prizes and with food donations.

Meet the Cyrenians who support the homeless and disadvantaged in Edinburgh and who keep hens who lay the most wonderful organic eggs.

Meet Tom Phillips of Cyrenians Farm

See the beauty of Broughton Street Community

Basement garden
Window displays
Bananas at street side
Flowers outside florists
Climbers on shop steps
Beautiful window reflection
Beautiful window reflection of traffic
Ornate 36 number sign
Hanging baskets outside pub
Ivy growing up our shop

Meet the local community:

Maybe you have heard about Real Foods’ fight to retain its signs, or maybe you are new to the Broughton Street Community. We think that a great deal of the charm of the area is due to the diversity provided by the many independent businesses located on the street.

Our new signage, aside from identifying our premises, is an expression of our individuality on a street full of independent traders, all adding to the great character of a street nominated for the Hippest Street category in Google's Street View Awards 2011.

Have a look at all the quirky, hip, individual signs located around the street and see how we contribute visually to the community.

Apple Pharmacy shop sign
Newsagentsshop sign
Edinburgh Nursery sign
Rapido restaurant sign
Real Foods shop sign
Smoke Stack restaurant sign
Villeneuve Wines shop sign
I love monkey sign
Nom de Plume cafe sign
L'epicerie sign
Hamburger heaven eatery sign
The basement restaurant sign
New town deli restaurant sign
Alex Hair Studio Edinburgh sign
Blue Moon club sign
Open door sign

If you have enjoyed our selections of photos of Broughton Street, browse our gallery of over 100 photos of this well loved and much revered Edinburgh Street.

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