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Rated excellent by our customers

A real village in the city

One of Real Foods loyal customers









Irene is well known in Edinburgh for her lively poetry readings but she is also one of Real Foods' earliest customers.

Over 35 years ago Irene and some friends got together and ordered a variety of products from Real Foods, essentially starting their own small food co-operative.

'Back in the '70s, we didn't have much money but I wanted to feed my small children well. So a few women clubbed together and bought food in bulk from Real Foods - dried fruit and nuts, oats, flour, pasta, cereals, rice and the like. It worked out so much cheaper and you got such good quality for your money. I live by that principle today. I would rather have one, excellent quality, cup of ethical coffee than several cups of a horrible, cheap coffee.

I'm still a regular customer of Real Foods and they have some amazing offers with up to 50% off. Of course I use my 5% senior discount too. That's not something you get everywhere!

I think it is really important to support our local, independent shops - they add vital character to our environment. All the staff know me at Real Foods and we have a genuine friendly chat when I go shopping. That's something you can't buy. It creates a community - a real village within a city.'

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