Our Staff

Here at Real Foods, we have a really good team of people who are working hard every day to help all our customers achieve a healthier life through what they eat. 

Meet Balazs


This is Balazs, who joined the webshop team in 2016 and is not only a great webshop assistant manager but the Toughest Firefighter in Hungary 2012! 

Balazs was born in Hungary and studied Law Enforcement Management for his Bsc and Msc. Previously a Fireman Lieutenant, he moved to London a few years ago and then up to Edinburgh. A committed vegan for 8 years, Balazs decided Real Foods would be the perfect place to work as we have a lot of vegan foods and other healthy snacks. He is keen on fitness too (particularly stair running), which helps him cope with lifting sacks and sending 30kg parcels out. He came 3rd in the European Championships 2013 and was the Hungarian national champion 3 times so he's always the most competent person to carry huge boxes and negotiate a flight of stairs...

What do you love from Real Foods?

He's vegan mainly for environmental reasons, but also for health and fitness and as much as he loves organic fruit and vegetables he's also very partial to trying out the new vegan cheeses and sausages...

Meet Jamila


Jamila is a qualified nutritionist and webshop manager of the team at Real Foods.

Jamila was born in Glasgow but raised in Edinburgh and, before deciding to pursue a career in nutrition, harboured dreams of becoming a postman. When she’s not fantasising about being chased by dogs (she even has her own dog, Lily, to practice with), she loves spending time with friends and family. She can often be spotted out in the wild with one of her numerous sisters. She has recently finished studying at Queen Margaret University, and now has a degree in Nutrition. Her interest in healthy-eating meant that she was often in Real Foods as a customer sourcing supplies, and it made perfect sense for her to work in an environment that supported and related to her academic studies. She's worked with us throughout her degree and has now joined us full-time.

What do you love from Real Foods?

Jamila loves making smoothies with mixed berries and coconut water and recommends the frozen fruit available in store at Real Foods. 

Meet Sophie


Sophie is our Customer Care Assistant Manager of the webshop team.

Originally from Chichester in West Sussex on the sunny south coast, Sophie spent 8 years travelling around the world. She’s lived in Australia, The Maldives, China, The Caribbean, Turkey and Thailand and now... Scotland! Having moved north for love (at which admission, the webshop staff collectively paused for an awww moment) she’s now studying naturopathic nutrition and organising everything related to customer service in the webshop. She can usually be found answering phones, juggling paperwork and booking couriers all at the same time.

What do you love from Real Foods?

Sophie is a big fan of the huge array of chocolates at Real Foods (in particular the Ombar brand) and can also be found perusing the wine range – she assures us her rigorous investigation into ‘no added sulphite wines’ is absolutely essential for good customer service, how else can she recommend the best one?!




Meet Billy


This is Billy, who joined the webshop team in 2016 and is our Customer Service Web Assistant.

Billy was born and bred in Bristol, he maintains this is why he can keep everything ‘Ship-shape and Bristol fashion”! Having previously organised the institutional accounts of a local bookshop he joined us in the Autumn of 2016 and if you contact us, it’s often Billy who will find answers, locate products or otherwise help you shop. He moved to Edinburgh just under 5 years ago to study and now has a Masters in Gender History from Edinburgh University. When he wasn’t dissecting the conditions of the workers in Victorian Britain, he developed an avid interest in films and can be found supporting local film festivals and watching obscure movies, often in Glasgow where all the best films are! (apparently).

What do you love from Real Foods?

Billy loves the range of strong bread flours from Real Foods, for practising new recipes, he’s also such a massive fan of the Peanut Snaps bars he’s considering buying them in bulk!

Meet Katie


Katie is originally from Elsterberg in Germany, following a degree in Business she came to Edinburgh for an internship and decided Scotland was the place for her! She has been our Broughton Street Shop Manager for the last six months and has worked with us since 2015.

An avid swimmer and nature-lover, when she’s not exploring the wilds of Scotland and listening to far too much U2, Katie can usually be found serving customers, sorting stock and answering customer queries on the Broughton Street shop floor. She is also forging ahead with her mission to rid the world of unnecessary plastic packaging and is working on making sure we have all of the eco-friendly options and alternatives in both of our stores.

What do you love from Real Foods?

Dried mango – super tasty and highly addictive :-)


Meet Séamus


If you’ve visited either of our Edinburgh stores then there’s a good chance you’ll have bumped into Séamus, our resident techno wizard (and the reason I now know the keyboard shortcut for an accented ‘e’).

Séamus hails from Dunbar, east of Edinburgh, and is a keen amateur chef. With a long-standing appreciation for organic, natural and local produce, he is a firm believer that high-quality ingredients can make a huge difference when throwing together a meal. With a background in organic retail, Séamus moved to Edinburgh and was struck by the variety and quality of natural and ethical products available at Real Foods, deciding shortly afterwards to join our team. He busies himself by serving customers on and off the tills, as well as helping to add new products to our website.

Outside of work Séamus enjoys tinkering with computers and technology, playing video games and creating music. His technical expertise is put to good use when recording, producing and performing with his band, whose industrial/electronic tendencies certainly contrast with his gentle, cuddly exterior.

What do you love from Real Foods?

Séamus is a self-confessed pastry addict and is particularly partial to the Au Gourmand range available at Real Foods. When asked for a few words of wisdom, he told us (between mouthfuls of croissant) ‘start as you mean to go on’, before leaving to hunt for more pastries.