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Real Foods Service Update

Last updated: 21/05/2022

Ordering online

We are pleased to announce that we have been able to open online ordering to all visitors to our webshop.
We may on occasion be required to temporarily limit order numbers to maintain a balanced service for all.

If you visit our website and find you cannot register, please check back or email us at
If a product has no 'ADD' button on the website then we have no stock and are currently not able to source from our suppliers.

We are therefore not able to accept orders for these items. We do receive fresh deliveries each day though,
so it is worth checking back as new products will become available again as stock is delivered. 

If you do place an order please be aware that it may take three or four days longer than usual to process and dispatch.

Due to greater demand on our customer service team at this time, email enquiries relating to orders are being prioritised.
If you send an email enquiry about any other aspect of online ordering with us, please bear with us, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

For updates to our international delivery service see the Orders to the EU countries section on our delivery page

With the situation changing daily we will continue to update this page with any changes we are making, so do keep coming back.

Real Foods Click & Collect Extra

We are excited to announce the arrival of our new out-of-hours socially-distanced Click & Collect Extra service enabling you to order organic fresh fruit and vegetables, organic fresh greens, fresh drinks, chilled foods, eggs and other basics, without stepping foot inside our Broughton Street shop.

Real Foods Click & Collect Classic

Our trusty standard Click & Collect Classic service is still available, with collection available from both our Edinburgh shops during opening hours.

Our Edinburgh shops

Our two city centre Edinburgh shops are open for business, morning to evening, 7 days a week and in stock with store cupboard essentials you might find difficult to get anywhere else locally.
Customer numbers are limited to 10 in our Broughton Street shop and 8 in our Tollcross shop and in order to maintain social-distancing inside our shops you may be asked to wait outside.

We ask that if you visit our shops, please respect our dedicated staff and fellow customers by maintaining a distance of 2 metres between yourself and others in your vicinity and shop alone wherever possible.

It would also be very much appreciated if you could pay for your shopping electronically using cards or phones.

We thank you all for your understanding and patience in these incredibly trying times as
we work hard to continue to keep essential items on our shelves for you.

Our Edinburgh shops opening hours have changed a little so please consult our store locator page or the information in the foot of our website before you visit.

Maps of our Edinburgh Shops

To make it a little easier to plan your visit to our Edinburgh shops, below you will find maps to help you find the products you need more easily.

The numbers shown on the maps below correspond to the product lists directly below them.

Where to find product in our Broughton Street shop

Where to find product in our Brougham Street shop

Broughton Street shop map Brougham Street shop map
Location Product Description
1 Oils & Vinegars
2 Oils, Sauces & Condiments
3 Tinned Tomatoes, Coconut Oil & Pasta Sauces
4 Vegetable Stock, Mayonnaise & Pickles
5 Nuts
6 Dried Fruits & Nuts
7 Dried Fruits
8 Rices
9 Flour & Rices
10 Breakfast Cereals
11 Service Counter & Herbs
12 Dried Pulses
13 Salt & Baking Ingredients
14 Spices & Food Essences
15 Gluten-Free Flours & Baking Mixes
16 Sugars & Sweeteners
17 Cocoa & Cacao Products
18 Coffee & Coffee Alternatives
19 Herbal Tea
20 Maple Syrups & Tahini
21 Nut Butters & Molasses
22 Jams, Spreads & Honeys
23 Gluten-Free Pasta
24 Pasta, Baby Foods & Asian Cuisine
25 Herbal Teas
26 Black Teas
27 White & Green Teas
28 Herbal Teas
29 Tinned Pulses
30 Tinned Soups
31 TVP, Soya & Other Meat Alternatives
32 Miso Pastes & Ramen Noodles
33 Dairy-free Milks
34 Oatcakes & Crackers
35 Chilled Drinks & Fresh Organic Fruit & Vegetables
36 Fresh Organic Fruit & Vegetables
37 Eggs, Fresh Bread & Pastries
38 Flat Breads & Cakes
39 Gluten-Free Biscuits & Cakes
40 Biscuits & Confectionery
41 Frozen Foods inc. Pies, Pizzas, Fruits, Vegetables, Meat Alternatives & Desserts
42 Eggs
43 Milk & Chilled Omega Oils
44 Fermented Foods & Chilled Meat Alternatives inc.
Tofu and Tempeh
45 Chilled Dairy & Dairy Alternatives
46 Chilled Houmous, Dips, Ready-To-Eat & Kefir
47 Snack Bars
48 Cordial, Fruit & Veg Juices
49 Juices & Bottled Water
50 Wines, Beers & Spirits
51 Raw Chocolates & Superfoods
52 Superfoods
53 Skin Care, Hand Creams & Lip Salves
54 Supplements & Herbal Remedies
55 Supplements & Herbal Remedies
56 Essential Oils
57 Snack Bars
58 Chocolates & Dairy-Free Chocolates
59 Hair Care
60 Hair & Body Care
61 Toilet Paper & Nappies
62 Loose Soaps & Dental Care
63 Feminine Hygiene, Deodorants & Sun Care
64 Household Cleaning
65 Seeds inc. Amaranth, Flax and Chia 
66 Oatmeal & Cereal Flakes Pre-packs
67 Maizemeal, Quinoa & Bran (Oat and Wheat)
68 Savoury Snacks inc Bombay Mix
69 Savoury Snacks & Crisps
70 Savoury Snacks & Crisps
71 Real Foods Cereal Sacks


Location Product Description
1 Honeys & Spreads
2 Nut Butters & Spreads
3 Fruit & Veg Juices, Yeast Flakes & Condiments
4 Cordials & Jackfruit Products
5 Drinks & Bottled Waters
6 Pulses, Grains & Dried Fruits
7 Dried Fruits
8 Nuts & Seeds
9 Nuts & Seeds
10 Grains
11 Rices , Herbs, Spices & Condiments
12 Plastic Products & Spices
13 Service Counter & Spices
14 Coffees, Coffee Alternatives & Cacao Products
15 Dairy-free Milks & Cocoa
16 Fresh Bread & Pastries
17 Chilled inc. Dairy, Dairy Alternatives, Tofu & Other Meat Alternatives
18 Milk
19 Eggs
20 Household Goods & Dog Food
21 Frozen Ready Meals, Fruits & Vegetables
22 Supplements & Protein Powders
23 Supplements & Superfoods
24 Supplements & Superfoods
25 Travel Products & Sun Care
26 CBD Products & Essential Oils
27 Chilled Drinks & Kombuchas
28 Sweet & Savoury Snacks
29 Snacks & Spaghetti
30 Pasta
31 Coconut Milks & Pasta Sauces
32 Sauerkraut, Tinned soups & Condiments
33 Oils & Vinegars
34 Vegetabke Stocks, Yeast extract & Ghee
35 World foods, Soy sauce, TVP & Dried Mushrooms
36 Granolas
37 Cereal Flakes
38 Muesli
39 Teas
40 Loose Teas & Matcha Products
41 Flour & Gluten-Free Baking
42 Household Cleaning
43 Baby Food & Care Products
44 Baby Food & Care Products
45 Deodorants, Male Grooming & Shower Gels
46 Hand & Body Lotions
47 Loose Soaps
48 Face Care, Body Care & Soaps
49 Chocolates
50 Raw Snack Bars & Liquorice
51 Snackbars & Biscuits
52 Dental Care & Feminine hygiene
53 Hair Care
54 Gluten-Free Baking, Sugars & Sweeteners
55 Fruit & Veg
56 Fruit & Veg
57 Easter Products
58 Easter Products
59 Rice Cakes, Wraps, Flat breads & Confectionery
60 Herbal teas
61 Oatcakes, Crispbreads & Cakes
62 Spices & Herbs
63 Real Foods Cereal Sacks, Ground Flaxseed & Chestnuts
64 Refill Room


We are hugely grateful to our loyal customers and to our dedicated, hardworking teams
who are working tirelessly both night and day, 7 days a week, to serve our communities.


Please continue to check this page for further updates.