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Rated "Excellent" by our customers
Rated "Excellent" by our customers

7 Easy Ways to Go Green

1. Choose locally grown produce

Fruits and vegetables grown on nearby farms require less fuel to transport, hence a smaller carbon footprint. Look for “locally grown” signs. If you can find locally grown organic products, that’s even better! (see 2. below)

You can buy locally produced produce at your nearest Real Foods store

2. Enjoy organics

These foods use fertilizers that aren’t petroleum based, so fewer carbon products are used to make them. They’re also pesticide free, which means no run-off of dangerous chemicals into your water supply. Buy locally grown organics and you get a double benefit.

Real Foods stocks a wide range of all kinds of organic items including various organic body care products.

3. Remember your cloth bags

Tote them to the store instead of using paper or plastic. Think of all the space you’ll save in landfills. There are lots of wonderful designs to choose from too, so go on, accessorise

Choose a plain ‘go with anything’ cloth bag at Real Foods.

4. Eat more vegetarian meals

About ten times as much fossil fuel is burned on average to produce animal protein compared to plant protein, like beans and grains. Meat lovers, try adding one meatless meal at a time and have a look at 5 below.

Check out our recipe pages for some great ideas on meatless meals, or have a look at our ready made vegetarian meals in store.

5. Experiment with soy substitutes

Use soy mince instead of minced beef, veggie burgers instead of hamburgers, and soy “chicken” nuggets. Besides saving on energy to raise the farm animals, cows breathe out methane, which—pound for pound—contributes more to global warming than carbon emissions from cars and power plants.

Have a look at our wide range of meatless alternatives in store at Real Foods.

6. Think in bulk

Spices, nuts, dried fruits, grains and many other items can be bought in bulk. They are often cheaper and use less packaging, which is better for the environment.

At Real Foods the more you buy the less you pay per kilo, so it pays to buy bulk as well as helping the environment.

7. Buy recycled aluminium foil

Yes, it’s available and requires just 1/20th of the fossil fuels needed to manufacture it as regular foil.

Stocked by Real Foods