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Spring time to be fruitful

Spring has sprung, or is at least spring-ing. We're throwing off our thermals and coming out of hibernation into welcome daylight. What do we need after months of darkness and warming meals made from squirrelled-away stores? Oodles of fresh, organic fruit. 

A global pick

We love locally-grown and seasonal, but we know you like variety too, so we offer a global pick.

Buying organic, through a local business, is a more ethical way to get your hands on fruit from sunnier climes.

In praise of organic farming  

Plants have the power to absorb carbon from the atmosphere into the soil, and organic farming  methods increase this effect by 20%.

Organic standards also promote a fair living for workers. The use of GM crops and chemical fertilisers is prohibited and pesticides are severely restricted, instead encouraging wildlife to perform the task of pest control naturally. 

soil association tractor

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are known for being packed with vitamin C, but did you know they also contain folate, essential for new cell production, and potassium for a healthy heart?

Make freshly-squeezed juice for a quick health boost, or scatter segments of orange and grapefruit over grains, salads and desserts. 

organic lemons








Orchard fruits

Take your pick of organic apples from our range which includes Topaz, Gala, Elstar, Fiesta and old favourites like Granny Smith. 

Raw is best for nutrition, with the skin still on. We have a recipe online for raw apple cake, using crisp eating apples, but pears and plums would work well too.

organic apples from the orchard









Exotic fruits

Tropical fruit skewers are a super healthy breakfast or dessert. Try combining kiwi and pineapple with raw coconut chunks for both iron and vitamin C. Vitamin C increases your body's absorption of  iron. 

  • Potassium-packed bananas make satisfying snacks and creamy smoothies. 
  • Pomegranate, with superfood properties, looks attractive sprinkled over salads and desserts. 

organic kiwi fruit





How to get fruity

Pop into our stores today to pile your fruit bowl high, or order online from our mobile-friendly web shop.