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Spring into action with top ecofriendly cleaning tips

The tradition of a yearly spring clean is becoming more of a constant habit, with people becoming increasingly concerned about domestic hygiene. However, despite all our efforts to be clean, we could be causing ourselves more problems in the process when using conventional everyday cleaning products. We may be removing the dirt only to replace it with chemicals that could be doing us, our families and the environment no good at all.

With this in mind the Real Foods cleaning fairy has provided these heavenly haven healthy hints for us to keep our homes hygienically clean without  the need for potentially harmful chemicals.

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Avoid antibacterial and antimicrobial cleaners. The FDA has found that antibacterial soaps and hand cleansers do not work better than regular soap and water, and should be avoided. Faith In Nature do a range of excellent cleaners, so buy the bulk sizes to get the most for your money. Their washing up liquid comes in 5 litre packs now and makes your spend go that bit further

Try greener dry cleaning methods suggested by Real Foods







Conventional dry cleaners are the largest users of a toxic solvent called Perchloroethylene. The two most common green drycleaning methods are carbon dioxide cleaning and Green Earth. Seek out cleaners that use green methods. If you do take clothes to conventional cleaners, air them thoroughly outside prior to storing or wearing them.

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Dr Bronner Sal Suds Cleaner is an all-purpose cleaner made of plant-based surfactants with natural spruce and fir-needle oils. It comes in a range of sizes - 472ml,  960ml and 3.78 litre which is a popular buy from our webshop (saves all that lugging around). 

Buy soapnuts from Real Foods


Try Soapnuts - they literally grow on trees! A more sustainable laundry detergent choice.



Cinnamon Sticks from Real Foods


Skip the aerosol air fresheners and try boiling cinnamon, cloves, or any other herbs you have  a fondness for instead. 


Gerbera are a great indoor plant for removing toxins from the local atmosphere


Plants may not make your house smell different but are good for filtering interior air - most broad green leaf plants will do.



Organic air at Real Foods

The air inside a home or office can be more toxic than the air outside. Fresh air is key so open windows, especially when cleaning.



If life gets in the way as it invariably does and you need to get your hands on a ready made eco-friendly cleaning product in a hurry, click here to take a look at our comprehensive cleaning range online - we’re mobile friendly now too.