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So fresh and so green

Here at Real Foods we believe freshness is key, that's why we're passionate about the fresh, organic produce we sell. We think a healthy wholefoods diet abundant in fresh fruit and vegetables is infinitely more beneficial than any strict plan diet. 

When trying to stay slim and trim, curbing cravings can be the biggest hurdle. Stay fuller for longer by snacking on nutrient-dense foods instead of reaching for snacks high in carbohydrates and refined sugars. 

We've cherry-picked some of our favourite fresh produce to help you supercharge your 'five a day' with these superfoods.

avacado good for brain function


Although high in fat, the omega 9 rich oleic acid found in avocados contributes to brain function, helping you stay sharp as well as being proven to lower cholesterol. Oleic acid has also been shown to encourage a feeling of fullness. Avocados are high in both soluble and insoluble fibres, contributing to overall good digestive health and are also a great skin food.



Nod to the beet

encourage blood flow with organic beetroot

Beetroot is high in folic acid, potassium, manganese and vitamin C. If you're balancing your diet with an exercise plan, beets have been shown to aid stamina, encourage blood flow and help with heart health. Beetroot are also a rich source of antioxidants which help to rid your body of toxins and strengthen immunity. 

To enjoy them at their best, eat raw or try grating into a salad. Look out for the lesser known varieties of white, golden, chioggia and cylindra beets.



Ever alert for the call to action

boost energy with a banana

Bananas are a great energy boosting snack, their high levels of vitamin B6 contribute to a healthy nervous system, helping to fight stress and increase energy levels. A good source of potassium, bananas help to restore electrolyte balance after exercise. They also aid regulation of blood pressure and blood sugar levels which in turn will help curb cravings for sugary snacks.

Bananas contain prebiotics (FOS), encouraging a healthy gut and optimum digestion.  In addition they contain the amino acid tryptophan which assists production of serotonin, making bananas a good mood food. Get the best out of your bananas and eat them before they become too ripe.

Chomp like Chimps: You might get at your banana more quickly by opening at the end opposite the stalk. Some primates have been observed using this method.


Kiwi fruits are rich in vitamin C, as well as containing high amounts of fibre and potassium, which keep you feeling full whilst encouraging healthy digestion. Kiwi fruit skin contains vital enzymes required to digest food and aid detoxification, so try eating them with the skin on.


Not just for Popeye

spinach a good source of many nutrients


Spinach is loaded with vitamins and minerals, in particular A, C, E and vitamin K which is essential for bone health. Its high iron content is what gave Popeye his characteristic strength and high concentrations of carotenoids such as beta carotene, lutein and astaxanthan provide us with strong antioxidant protection. 

Eat fresh,  local, and ideally raw. Such a large nutritional profile for such a mild tasting leaf makes spinach an ideal base for green juices and smoothies.




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