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Meet the Producer TreeVitalise

Author: kim

TreeVitalise are based in Kent in the UK and make a range of infused birch waters. Drawing on a family tradition of foraging, the founder Anna Skopets was inspired to re-create the birch water found when tapping the trees. Traditionally harvested for hundreds of years in Scandinavian countries along with Eastern and Northern Europe; Birch Water was consumed in early spring as the first nutritious food available to the local people after a long and exhausting winter. Which is why it’s also known as ‘living water’.


There are 3 drinks in the range - find the entire range here in our webshop




Original pure birch sap – just as it comes out of the tree in early spring giving you a burst of spring freshness.







Mint infusion –the birch sap simply infused with organic dried mint for a soothing and pleasant drink.









Lemon infusion – the birch sap infused with organic lemon this gives an invigorating and zesty drink.








A sustainable product of wild harvesting from the Carpathian mountains – the birch sap is tapped in March for 2-3 weeks, ensuring enough is left for the birch tree to thrive and taking a small portion for its’ unique nutrients, there’s more manganese in one glass of birch water than in a cup of kale!


Organic, vegan and naturally gluten and sugar-free, the birch water is gently pasteurised. Traditionally preserved with sugars, the birch water is quickly preserved when it is harvested to retain the goodness.