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Meet the Producer Plant n Grow

                 For those who may not be keeping up with their computational philosophy, Moore’s law was formulated over a decade-long period from the mid-1960s to around 1975. Gordon E. Moore, the co-founder of the computer giant Intel, predicted that, based upon his observations over this mid-20th Century time-frame, the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit would double approximately every two years. Not only would this prediction turn out to be true (for now at least) but it also changed the way that the average person viewed the world around them. One no longer had to rely solely upon local producers for goods-now one can simply purchase goods and services online and from the world over.

                This massive shift towards the trend of globalisation is precisely the entry point for this month’s supplier-in-spotlight: Plant’n’Grow. Plant’n’Grow’s primary objective is to create a product that refreshes customers’ concern with provenance (the chronology of ownership-in this case, the trail of production). Their company motto (‘From Plot to Plate’) aims to encourage and reinvigorate their customers’ interest in growing, harvesting, and cooking their own herbs and veggies. From the biodegradable/compostable boxes and recipe cards, to the soon-to-be released kids’ app and story cards, Plant’n’Grow are hoping to provide a product that is not only good for you, good for the environment, but also reconnects people (and children most importantly) with the act of growing their own food-whether you live in the city centre or in the country.

                Plant’n’Grow currently offer 13 different varieties of grow boxes-with a further two scheduled for release soon. They are located in Edinburgh and they aim to provide a product that is self-contained, healthy, and of course fun-from Plot to Plate. You can find Plant 'n' Grow products here in our online store.


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