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Meet the Producer Plan Bee

Plan B; normally a phrase that is reserved for when a situation is getting out of hand (or the drama starring Diane Keaton - if that is more your style). However, our Meet the Producer supplier for this month - Motherwell’s Plan Bee Ltd - is anything but a backup option or worst-case scenario.

Plan Bee Honey Range

For the last four years the team at Plan Bee have been creating honey and honey-based products ranging from delicious Scottish Heather Honey, 100% natural beeswax candles to a blend of cider vinegar and honey  ‘Honeygar’ that can be used as a salad dressing and partner to oils as well as taken as an aid to inflammation and digestion. They do not stop there though, the company was founded to help address the sharp decline in honeybee populations across the UK, which Plan Bee achieves through their unique hive management initiative. Organisations, communities and individuals adopt beehives in a suitable location of their choosing and Plan Bee Ltd care and maintain them. This enables an organisation to provide a point of difference in their CSR activities (Corporate Social Responsibilities), encouraging local biodiversity in a completely natural way and importantly preserves and boosts our honeybee populations. (Check out business opportunities here , or look into 'Adopt a Bee' or 'Dedicate a Hive on Plan Bee Ltd's website). As a result of these partnerships, they have apiaries in both urban and rural locations, providing either local Scottish blossom or heather honey. By focussing on a ‘triple bottom-line’ of: Planet, People, and Profit; Plan Bee Ltd. aims to fill the gap as an ‘ethical, sustainable eco-innovation business’ producing and selling  great, local products while remaining true to their goal of improving the people and the environment around them.

So, why not take a listen to our interview with Plan Bee’s Chief Bee Warren here and perhaps ‘bee’ so kind as to pop by to the in-store tastings on 13th and 27th June 2015 to learn more about and to support Plan Bee and their great work.


Check out Plan Bee’s products at Real Foods here:

Plan Bee - Honeycomb