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Rated excellent by our customers

Meet the Producer Over Langshaw Farm

It takes a great deal of hard work and dedication to be an organic supplier, so when it comes to finding a good local organic and free-range egg,  it's not quite so easy, you must have heard the expression 'rare as hens teeth'. So can you imagine our joy when we discovered the lovely folk at Over Langshaw Farm, who not only produce free-range organic eggs for us, they also make their own very delicious luxury ice-cream which you'll be able to try for yourself in both our Edinburgh stores in June.

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Here's Lucy from the Farm to tell you a bit more about the business:

We bought Over Langshaw Farm in the early 80's having moved from a small hill farm on Loch Fyneside. With a young family we started milking 50 cows and lambing Scottish mule ewes.

Over the years we have introduced Swedish Reds and Montbeliardes into the Friesian herd, developing a lovely creamy milk with exotic appeal.  In 2006, along with my brother, we ventured into organic egg production, housing happy Lohmann Brown hens.

Roll forward to 2007 and with the 3 main ingredients, namely milk, cream and egg yolk are produced on the farm so we get a state of the art ice cream machine - known as Sylvester! - installed into our newly renovated production room within what used to be the old traditional barley shed.and our Over Langshaw Farmhouse Ice Cream, named 'Cool As...', was born.

We produce our luxury ice cream using our own fresh milk, cream and eggs, giving our ice cream a uniquely creamy, smooth and rich quality. To enhance this further we use only natural flavouring and nothing artificial.  We aim to use seasonal produce often being inspired by the fruits and berries growing around us. For the vanilla ice cream, we use Madagascan vanilla pods which are renowned for their great quality. Our Butterscotch ice cream has chunky bits of honeycomb and is tasty business for the sweet tooth!

In recent years we installed a 50 kW turbine called Winifred which powers the whole farm on wind and it's her silhouette you can see printed on the ice cream labels.

Our bonny brown organic hens are totally free range with grass and woodland to roam as they please until nightfall, which can be as late as 11pm in the summer months! They have large sheds to sleep and nest in which are completely energy self-sufficient using solar panels and wind turbines, and it is they who produce the beautiful brown eggs you can buy here in Real Foods.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you at Real Foods in June for a taste of our homemade ice cream.