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Rated excellent by our customers

Meet the Producer Left Field Kombucha


Why drink our kombucha?

Kombucha is a living, raw, unpasteurised drink. It is vegan and gluten free.

Kombucha is known to contain a host of healthy organic acids. It is a fermented, good for gut health, beverage. Our kombucha is naturally low in sugar and calories. Left Field Kombucha contains all of these good things but will also be an excellent dinner guest. Left Field Kombucha is made for flavour. It is brewed by a former beer brewer so it tastes like having a full drinks experience but without the hangover.

Jo and Geraint, the 'sensory' and the 'science' behind Left Field Kombucha

We make it so you can enjoy it with food. For example, our No.4 Darjeeling kombucha tea is our brunch booch going well with breakfast, and is also rather fine with curry.  Our kombucha can be enjoyed on a night out, and for a rejuvenating pick me up the next morning.
Who doesn’t love an everyday drink that tastes great and can support overall health at the same time?

Natural. Raw. Alive. Unfiltered. Full of healthy organic acids.  Low in sugar and calories. High in tea. And bubbles.

Our kombucha is all about the tea

Our approach is simple, clean and natural. Our kombucha gets its distinctive and unexpected taste by drawing on the aromatics of only the finest ethically-sourced teas.

We only use teas from Ethical Tea Partnership members

We don’t add fruits or spices (a tad left field for any soft drink or kombucha)

We infuse then expertly ferment the teas using a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast) to bring out their complex flavours

Our kombucha is independently handcrafted by us in our brewery in the Scottish Borders. 

Left Field Kombucha varieties

No.1 Yunnan Black kombucha tea – The Earthy One

Great Taste Award winner 2017 and finalist in Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Awards, this kombucha is earthy and smoky in flavour and made from tea from the birthplace of the first tea tree, the Yunnan province in China.

No.2 Sencha Kukicha Green kombucha tea – The Zesty One

With the taste of fresh sea air and tropical fruits, the newest kombucha from Left Field is a very tangy brew made with Japanese tea.

No.3 Tung Ting Oolong kombucha tea – The Floral One

An excellent aperitif, this kombucha has notes of elderflower and goes well with salads. The sassy brew, made with tea from Taiwan

No.4 Darjeeling kombucha tea – The Fruity One

Made with the “Champagne of black teas” this kombucha is a refined and vinous brew, and goes well with brunch.