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Rated excellent by our customers

Meet the Producer Greenscents

Like all good things, Greenscents started on the kitchen table and quickly became a local favourite. Based in Dulverton, Somerset, this family business is committed to sustainable and ethical solutions proving that household products are no longer the 'poor relation' in the organic world.

Their mission is to produce household products you can be proud of:

  • Prime organic and ethically sourced ingredients in all products
  • Greenscents is fragranced with wonderful natural aromas from organic fair trade essential oils
  • Their nonscents range is as pure and hypoallergenic as possible
  • Simple stylish packaging designs which will grace your home
  • Greenscents is committed to being at the forefront of the ethical and sustainable agenda.
  • Greenscents do not use any SLS/SLES in our products
  • There are no artificial fragrances in any of the Greenscents products

Harnessing pure plant power, greenscents is the most fragrant way to clean. Whether you are washing the dishes, sprucing up the bathrooms, or combatting germs in the loo or kitchen sink these are the products for you.

Using organic fairtrade essential oils Greenscents bring you a unique experience - blends that are equally uplifting and powerful to transform your cleaning experience and enliven your laundry.

And of course you can be confident that they are at the forefront of the eco and ethical agenda too.

Thankfully, awareness of nasties in household products has grown in recent years. Just to put your mind at rest NO harmful chemicals are present in any greenscents products.

You can choose from the following products: Washing up liquid, Multisurface cleaner, Loo cleaner, Floor soap, Polish, Laundry detergent and Laundry conditioner. Almost all Greenscents products are available in a range of different blends, in addition to an unscented range called 'Nonscents', specifically produced for those with allergies to consider. 


Peppermint, spearmint & rosemary create a crisp, cool yet zingy aroma that freshens and sparkles.

Minty Loo Toilet Cleaner Vegan, ORGANIC


The calming delicate aromas of traditional English gardens in summer.

Lavender Laundry Conditioner Vegan, ORGANIC



With eucalyptus and lemongrass, this blend is fragrant and refreshing.


The zesty scents of sweet orange oil, sparkling lime and rosemary give a sweet and fruity fragrance.


Do you suffer from sensitive skin? Or prefer a fragrance free option? Greenscents 'Nonscents' mild and gentle products will work for you.

Harsh chemicals, dyes and perfumes in many household products can irritate sensitive skin causing redness, rashes and itchiness. Greenscents have a 'no compromise approach' to nasties in their product ingredients, supported by their Soil Association certification.

Greenscents are fully aware that some of their customers with very sensitive skin can be allergic to organic essential oils and particularly limonene, which is still present in many eco household products.

So their nonscents range has been carefully designed to ensure that even those with the most sensitive skin can enjoy our products. Their no scent products are perfect for babies and young children too.

The Nonscents range includes washing up liquid, multi-surface sprays, floor soap and laundry products.

Nonscents Washing Up Liquid Vegan, ORGANIC

Greenscents are not only ethical in application, but in production too. They are soon to move into a new building which is rated “Very Good “by BREAAM the leading assessment method for sustainable buildings. Their criteria include energy rating, water use, the internal environment for the health & wellbeing of the people who work there, pollution, transport, materials and waste. This is important as the unit sits within Exmoor National Park and they will still use Exmoor water in all their products. 'We’re really looking forward to moving in and will be looking for some great people to come and join our team.'

Kind to your skin and to the planet - a winning combination!