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Meet the Producer Clearspring

Author: kim


Who are Clearspring?

Clearspring were set up in 1993 and provide amazing vegan and vegetarian foods of exceptionally high-quality. As their Chairman Christopher Dawson says "primarily Clearspring was born out of a wish to build a global organic food brand, to protect and develop the production of authentic and artisanal foods, and to distribute such good foods worldwide. What motivates us is to increase consumption of wholesome, easy-to-prepare, great tasting daily foods for optimum nutrition."

We couldn't agree more!

What kind of foods do Clearspring produce?

There is a wide range of goods from Clearspring, including Japanese staples like miso, tofu and tamari sauce along with treats such as umeboshii plums or sweet millet amazake. Their free-from range includes quinoa flour and instant polenta along with the always popular rice and corn cakes. They have recently launched a Bio Kitchen range providing organic vegetables in jars, making them extremely convenient to use without losing any of the quality.

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Bio Kitchen Organic Vegetables

Clearspring Rice & Corn Cakes

The Clearspring Brand Promise

Clearspring are still a family run business, with 3 members of the Dawson family continuing to work there today. They are deeply committed to their brand promises and work hard to make sure that all of their products meet or exceed those promises. Without exception!

  • Organic/premium quality Japanese and European foods skilfully prepared by artisan and professional producers.
  • Prepared according to authentic, traditional recipes and our own original recipes developed for present-day market needs.
  • 100% vegetarian/vegan foods and ingredients.
  • Wholesome, easy-to-prepare, great-tasting daily foods for optimum nutrition.
  • No artificial additives, MSG, colourings, preservatives or refined sugars.
  • Ethically sourced foods which support producer communities.
  • Made using environmentally sustainable and non-GM ingredients.
  • Good foods to be enjoyed locally and globally.