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Meet the Producer Chilli Papas

In February, our Meet the Producer event will feature local father-of-four Darren Mollan, founder of Chilli Papas. Chilli Papas spice mixes make child's play of cooking Mexican fare and tasty curries. The mixes are fat-free, gluten-free and vegan and use an oil free cooking method. In this article Darren gives you his account of how it all began and what comes next...

Chilli Papas 2 in 1 Mandalay Curry Mix 20g

Chilli Papas 2 in 1 Tikka Curry Mix 27g

Chilli Papas Kachin Curry Mix 19g

Chilli Papas Fajita Seasoning 18g

Chilli Papas Chilli Con Carne Mix Seasoning 19g

Chilli Papas Balti Curry Mix 26g

Chilli Papas Mild Vindaloo Curry Mix 26g

Chilli Papas Yellow Curry Mix 27g

Chilli Papas Medium Hot Vindaloo Curry Mix 34g

Chilli Papas Gurkha Curry Seasoning 15g


Welcome to Chilli Papas

Imagine the scene. It was December 30th 2010 with freezing temperatures and thick snow outside. I was rushing around after four kids and trying to decide what was for dinner. My sister-in-law came round and wanted to cook a curry for friends on New Year’s Day. Well, being busy that day, Lynn suggested blending the spices and including cooking instructions.The curry was a resounding success and Chilli Papas was born. Chilli Papas was originally born out of adapting my mother's family recipes without oil making them healthier for all the family and has led to the adaptation of other curries through trial and error.

Mixing plate of various spices

What is Chilli Papas

We currently hand-blend spices and herbs, include an oil-free recipe so anyone can cook a Chilli Papas at home! Not only is the recipe step-by-step but is also a one-pot dish making it a delicious but very easy meal to create. Oh and did I also mention that each pack cooks two meals for four adults and has a very long shelf life!? We currently have a blend of family recipes from Burma and Nepal, famous curries from around the world, non-curry mixes and all in a variety of heat strengths. This range will be increased by a further six mixes in a year adding to us being a finalist in the Scottish Curry Awards 2013!

Click here to see the full range of Chilli Papas spice mixes available from Real Foods.


Spice samples

What next for Chilli Papas

Our company ethos is the promotion of healthy curry which can be cooked easily at home. Keeping in with this, we want to spread the word throughout the UK and globally as this truly is a unique product. We believe that Chilli Papas can assist anyone looking to change eating habits, educate kids in cooking due to its ease of creation and aid those with specific diets to follow due to its natural ingredients. Follow us on Facebook and twitter!  #healthycurry