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Rated excellent by our customers

Meet the Producer Almighty Foods

Almighty Foods mindful raw chocolate treats at Real Foods










Almighty Foods was founded in 2015 by health advocates Josh and Molly. It was created with the intentions to help nurture the earth and its inhabitants. This means that they not only provide organic, nutrient-dense foods, but also support ethical and organic farming practices. These practices protect the natural habitats of which our food and medicines are grown.

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Almighty Foods mindful raw treats at Real Foods








Josh and Molly use special artisanal techniques to make their wonderful foods. One core practice involves using a solid stone to grind their chocolate and nut butters.  This is an ancient process that slowly presses the foods at low temperatures, maintaining the nutritional composition and delicate flavours. They also soak and sprout nuts and seeds in purified water before slowly dehydrating them at low temperatures, capturing the “living essence” of the once dormant nuts and improving digestibility.  This is an ancient process known as activation or sprouting that helps improve the flavour and nutritional composition of seeds and nuts.

Almighty Foods mindful raw treats at Real Foods








Almighty Foods are passionate about producing only the finest raw chocolate. They call the particular process that they use “plant to bar”, to encapsulate how whole plants (seeds/nuts/flowers/leaves/roots) are used to make their chocolate. This truly innovative process yields incredible cutting edge award winning chocolate. All Almighty Foods products are sweetened with “upgraded” sweeteners, such as low GI evaporated coconut palm tree sap and pure maple syrup. Currently, they are working on introducing a range of ethically sourced and local honey sweetened products.

Almighty Foods mindful treats at Real Foods











Almighty Foods work closely with their producers to ensure they obtain only the highest quality of ingredients. For instance, the cacao that they use is from a company called Big Tree Farms, a small collective of workers obtaining foods from the natural rainforests of Bali, Indonesia. The workers are treated very fairly thanks to the increased price of the organic ingredients they provide. They also work in ways to prevent overharvest of the land and to preserve lush rainforests that are home to various forms of wildlife.

Almighty Foods mindful treats at Real Foods








Josh and Molly are excited about growing and spreading their Almighty Foods. First and foremost, their dream is to have a positive influence on the world through supporting and providing goodness.

Almighty Foods mindful raw treats at Real Foods